First Esperanto Worksheet

Yes, I started teaching Esperanto at my son’s school about a month ago, and, Dude, it’s freakin awesome! I’ve got about 12 students (including my initially reluctant son), and they seem to be adsorbing this language like a sponge. I created a review sheet for them this weekend (which I will distribute on Wednesday) and they’ve already learned a word list that goes on for almost three pages. And they are actually talking about meeting on Friday afternoons in addition to our usual Wednesday meetings (their idea, not mine). I seriously couldn’t be happier.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Margaret
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 18:26:39

    The pictures help, but I can still read that worksheet! I'm so glad that it's going well. There is nothing better than teaching when you and the students have a passion for the subject.


  2. Danger Panda
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 10:37:14

    Margaret, Passion is much easier when you don't have 40 squabbling students to try to manage. You have no idea how much admiration I have for you!


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