Part II: The Deutch Family

A Typical 1890’s Saloon

(This is a continuation of the previous post–start there if you haven’t read it yet…)

Elizabeth Genevieve McMahon. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She had been born on a California farm in the early 1870’s to Irish parents, and was one of many daughters in a large Catholic family. As such, there was little money to invest in the children’s educations—especially the girls. Whatever future Liza envisioned for herself, she would have to bring to fruition on her own. And whatever that future was, it did not involve farm life.

We next find Liza in a San Francisco saloon, where she had probably gone to seek work. With her beauty and talent, she likely sought a job there as some sort of showgirl, a perfect opportunity for a young woman of her charms in the gay 1890’s. What she found there was a saloonkeeper named Isaac Deutch. Isaac was at least 15 years Liza’s senior, but was an established entrepreneur with a thriving business in a key San Francisco downtown location: Geary Street. It wasn’t long before Isaac and Liza fell in love.

Isaac had been born in New York to German, probably Jewish, parents. Not Irish. Not Catholic. Liza’s parents might have objected to the match on these grounds, but it’s more likely that they were simply relieved to have the responsibility for one of their many daughters taken off their hands. Isaac’s concession to allow Liza to raise their future children in the Catholic faith sealed the deal, and they were married. They established their home at 1223½ Geary Street.

Their first child, Edward, was born in 1892. Daughter Claire followed in 1896. Their youngest child, Thelma, was born in 1898.

This is the beginning of their story.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JoJo
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 09:16:59

    How in the world did you dig up so much information on this family? That's amazing!! You probably saw my comment on your earlier post that the address on Geary Blvd. is now a large church. It's right where Geary splits and becomes O'Farrell Street, (one way down to Market), and Geary is one way headed west.


  2. Pernicious Panda
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 12:18:15

    JoJo,This is genealogy–this is what I do for fun. Although, I must admit, the Deutch family yielded up an extraordinary amount of info considering I started with just a name and address for Edward. Yes, I saw your comment–thanks! More to come…


  3. g'd
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 07:58:53

    How exciting! Do you have a list of web sites you use for research? Have a Happy April!


  4. Fran
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 09:35:23

    Hey Kristi,Yesterday evening I saw a very interesting program on the Belgian TV. I thought directly on you. Maybe this will interest you. This was the subject: you enjoy it!


  5. Fran
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 13:24:06

    I also found this. you know this?


  6. Pernicious Panda
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 18:46:09

    d, Yes, I have some regular websites that provide scans of old documents and records, newspaper articles, etc. that are my "usuals." I'll post some of this later.Fran,I had never heard of Neutral Moresnet–fascinating! Thank you for sending me the links. I will definitely dig a little deeper. Good stuff!


  7. Margaret
    Apr 10, 2010 @ 08:51:40

    It is amazing what nuggets of life come from unexpected sources and curiosity. I would like to do more genealogy, but so many of the websites require paid subscriptions.


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