Bush Elementary School, Salem, Oregon

Bush Elementary

Miss Ryder’s Class

I’m not surprised you knew where my parents lived. I remember one day after school a child on a bike was hit by a car directly in front of our house. We called an ambulance, but before it got there, Mr. Harris showed up. He must have been driving by—I don’t have any idea how else he could have known to come to help that child. My mom lived in that house until about ten years ago. At that time, she sold the house and moved to Keizer where my sister Kerry (another of your former students) lives. Someday you might run into Kerry. She has two teenagers

Okay, if you’re read this far and haven’t figured out that this is a test post to help me make the transition to the wonderful world of WordPress, shame on you.  There would be no other reason to subject my third grade class picture to the world, agreed? Yes, indeed.