No Place for Horses Anymore

I had a realization this week that horses have reached a critical place in their relationship with humans, at least here in the United States. They have arrived at a place where, no matter what their circumstances, there are animal “activists” who will be outraged about their conditions. As each activist group successfully moves horses out of one category and into another, another group waits in the wings prepared to voice outrage and insist they know better.

Horses no longer have a role in our country where they can be safe from the meddling outrage of their self-appointed advocates–because the advocates themselves have not–and will not–reach any sort of consensus (and isn’t it interesting that they consider it a forgone conclusion that they should have the right to make decisions on the lives of other people and their animals?). Consensus, after all, is not a goal of the animal rights movement as it currently exists. They maintain themselves through divisiveness. And they’re quite good at that.

Of course horses aren’t alone in having attained this regrettable position. Many “exotic” animals actually arrived at this joyless station first. And other farm animals surely won’t be far behind.

I tried to put together a simple flow chart this week to illustrate how animal rights activists would move horses into a “safe” role. I soon realized that the chart couldn’t be lateral, it would have to be circular–a never-ending cycle of moving them from one role to another, probably endlessly.

I’m going to miss horses.

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Horse cycle